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School of Sacred Lifetimes aims to transmit knowledge
about Energy, Yoga and Tantra.


The school offers Yoga Teacher Training, Tantra & Alchemy courses, an invitation for those who wish to embark on a path of knowledge and wisdom, humility and truth towards themselves and the world.

School of Sacred Life is a registered school with Yoga Alliance. 

Our teacher training program is internationally accredited and qualify for 200h Yoga Alliance Registration.


Our Teachers


Marie Pierre Gay

Marie Pierre Gay is an Experienced Yoga Teacher Registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT200), an experienced Kinesiologist (500 hours) and Reflexotherapist (800 hours). She began her Yoga path 20 years ago with a Tibetan inspiration yoga that connected her to the lineage of Masters Marpa and Milarepa.

She transmits her knowledge about Energy, Yoga and Tantra, that she has been awakening and experimenting over the 20 last years.

Her teachings of Yoga Tantra are all about the connection that we have with Life, inside and outside.

Through an alchemy of embodied movement, breath work and voice activation, she activates remembrance of ancient wisdoms, and bring us into our own sacred space, to raise and shine our powerful, wise and true presence.

She's Lead instructor of the Yoga teacher Training.

To know more:

Marie Pierre

Arnaud Colin

Arnaud Colin is alchemist.


He carries within the teachings relating to the alchemy of Life, the alchemy of the five elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether, balanced by the three kingdoms: plant, mineral, animal.


He teaches by channeling from the age of 12 on all the states of consciousness that the human beings carry. He now accompanies groups of students all over the world and teaches them the conscious presence in the alchemy of Life.


The sensitivity he carries allows him to see and hear both manifested and un-manifested worlds. He is a psychic surgeon who intervenes on the various bodies, physical and energetic, and the memories they carry.

He teaches the Alchemist Cursus >


Virginie Ebrard Armingaud

Virginie Ebrard-Armingaud is a Healer, Yoga and Qigong teacher.

She also leads women's circles.


In the two physical practices she leads, the central axis is breathing, so that little by little it becomes part of our daily body, bringing about a gradual and lasting inner transformation.


Everything you practice on your yoga mat or during Qigong will help you in every aspect of your life. These multi-millennia-old techniques apply to us all, and can be applied at any moment of the day through the awareness we bring to each action.

Be in a “yoga state”.

Getting out of the “auto-pilot mode” in which we all more or less live, into a more conscious and cognitive way of life, and finally creating infinite space within ourselves.


This quest for quietude and personal healing was accentuated in 2010 when Virginie encountered yoga while still working as an airline pilot. She practiced various forms of yoga in every corner of the globe and met dozens of teachers during her stopovers and travels. 


This path of self-knowledge also led her to discover and use her healing capacity through energy healing.


These are just some of the tools she offers to help you experience this inner change.


To find out more:


Gwendoline Ougad

Gwendoline is a specialist in physical and energetic detox. 


She uses techniques such as fasting, detox cures and energy healing to help people achieve a state of well-being and, in the best cases, healing.


For over 8 years, Gwendoline has dedicated her life to the study and practice of holistic healing methods. She has accompanied many people on their journey to self-healing, guiding them to take control of their health and their lives.


Gwendoline's teachings focus on the interconnection between body, mind and soul. Through in-depth detoxification techniques and energetic healing, she helps people to free themselves of toxins and parasites, to cleanse their intestines in depth and to regain their natural balance and vitality.


She firmly believes that by adopting healthy lifestyle practices and physical and energetic body cleansing techniques, each individual can regain balance, health and harmony. 


Gwendoline encourages those she accompanies to embrace the journey of self-healing. By delving into the physical, energetic and emotional dimensions of their existence, her clients discover deeper layers of their being and access a new way of living.


For Gwendoline, the ultimate goal of her work is to inspire others to heal, and to show the way so that every being can become responsible for their own health. She believes that every individual has the power to heal themselves, and that it is her duty to share the tools to do so.


To find out more about her work, visit :


Latré Lawson

Latré LAWSON is a phytotherapy teacher, entrepreneur and creator of her own therapeutic art form.

Her original treatment method, developed over several years, combines natural plants and modern vibratory technologies working in innovative synergy.

An expert in flower essences, she is a member of the Edelweiss Federation and teaches at a naturopathy school in Paris.

Her passion lies in phytotherapy and ancestral holistic medicines, both backed by scientific research and convincing results.
It is in this context that she passes on her knowledge of mycotherapy and apitherapy to pharmacists, doctors and naturopaths.

As an entrepreneur, she created the anisol-sante website, offering premium-quality superfoods and natural food supplements.

The marketing of superfoods such as shea blossom honey is used to finance support for indigenous communities in West Africa, enabling them to nurture the chain of ancestral knowledge, regain their sovereignty and their role as sentinels of biodiversity.

To find more about her work, visit :

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