Alchemical objects

Waveform #1


The waveform allows to find freedom in the body and mind.


Directly linked to the earth's electromagnetic energy, it also depends on the magnetic energy of our star, the sun, and facilitates the balancing of the energies of the bodies and the interior and exterior places.


When it is deployed (vertically or horizontally), it allows to balance or re-balance all forms of conscious and unconscious life in all dimensions.


It revitalizes the body and the balance in the 3 kingdoms. It allows a simple and effective balance, whether physical, energetic or psychological.


> It does not need to be modified.


> The final price takes into account the design, and the benefits support the initiatives of alchemists in the world.


To know more :


Fears generate contractions in our systems, our bodies, which gradually settle in our unconscious.


Our entire system works in much the same way and all the planets in it have a similar attraction depending on the distance between them and the sun.

Our earth generates a relatively strong attraction and its energy, in its axis, provides us with a perfect balance.

Our planet, creates a natural and elementary protection to the balance of life.


The waveform allows, almost instantly, to balance or rebalance our body, and our energy.


From a more scientific point of view, we can observe movements internal to the shape wave and very quickly external, expanding and 360°.


Depending on its size, it is likely to balance or rebalance places more or less large, it may be of the order of several hectares to an infinite radiation if they are connected.

Alchemical Drop


The alchemical drops are pendants created to measure at your frequency, in your energy, by an alchemy of 3 noble metals: GOLD, SILVER and COPPER.

Made in the frequency of the essence of your being, they are a daily vibratory companion that allows you to raise your vibratory frequency as close as possible to your source, and thus to be less affected by external energies because yours are reinforced.


Depending on what is required, other metals may be added to calibrate the frequency of the jewelry with your being.

It is important to understand that these creations are unique and personal. They are made on demand and sometimes several weeks are necessary for their conception.

The reliefs that are drawn are also channeled according to the energy in the present moment. they can not be modified. What comes for you is exactly what is.



When ordering please specify in addition to your name and surname, your date and places of birth.


Technique and metals:

Due to the high price of gold, very small quantities are used to ensure a reasonable price of the pendant when mixing materials.

Included in the order are the alchemical taste pendant, the nylon cord necklace and the silver clasps.