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Sacred Presence retreat
Sacred Presence retreat

Sun, 20 Oct



Sacred Presence retreat

A path to Self in the Desert Lands October 20-25, 2024

Time & Location

20 Oct 2024, 07:00 – 25 Oct 2024, 19:00



Sacred Presence

A path to Self in the Desert Lands

October 20-25, 2024

🧘🏻‍♂️1O spaces only🧘🏻‍♂️

A magnificent co-creation with Gwendoline Le Breton, William Babeix, Audrey Vignadocchio & Racines du Désert.

Three holistic therapists and practitioners of various disciplines, wisdoms and arts in the service of the health, fulfillment and balance of each being.

Let us take you on a journey to the lands of Morocco, and together we'll cross its vast desert and share nights under a magnificently starlit sky.

An invitation to return to oneself, to authenticity, to nature, to simplicity, to silence and to deep reconnection.

Crossing the immensity of the Moroccan dunes is a project close to our hearts, and it's with great pleasure that Racines du désert welcomes us to their sacred land of Morocco.

A full and deep immersion in the culture of the nomadic people, who will accompany us on this wonderful adventure.

The program includes meditation, yoga, intuitive sensory dance, sound travel and many other surprises.

We'll begin this adventure with an opening ceremony, where reconnected humanity will find meaning and connection in our hearts, and where our souls will sing and dance to the rhythm of the drums, around a sacred fire facing the immensity of Mother Nature.

Welcome to this wonderful adventure with us.

The workshops that will be offered:


In the mornings, Gwendoline will introduce movement back into the body through Sama Yoga, a holistic form of yoga which will be adapted to the group's energy and each person's specific needs. At the end of the day, she will offer Yin Yoga sessions for a more inward-looking approach, with longer, gentler postures, accompanied by sound vibrations (Tibetan bowls, drums...).

Sound journeys

Audrey & William invite you to experience inner journeys through the magic of different vibratory instruments (Tibetan bowls, gongs, koshi....).

Intuitive dance

Audrey will lead you into the movements of the body through Dance Therapy/Contact.

A return to oneself, in one's own personal movement, in order to welcome the field of mirroring possibilities.

Meditation and Pranayamas

Time will be devoted to meditation and conscious breathing exercises, for a return to oneself, to one's breath of life, to one's full presence.

Sound massages

William offers individual sessions of vibratory massage using Tibetan bowls, for a moment of absolute relaxation.

Ceremonies and rituals

Our stay will be punctuated by morning rituals (self-massage, voice exercises...) and evening Sacred Ceremonies (rituals of intention around the sacred fire: song and dance) to anchor our bodies/souls/spirits in the alignment of our divine presences.

🐫🧘🏻‍♂️ Program ☀️👣

Sunday, October 20, 2024

Departure from Ouarzazate for M'Hamid - Opening circle, ritual of intentions, yoga - Evening and overnight at fixed bivouac

Monday October 21st

Trek (3h30-4h walking) - Overnight in nomad bivouac (in tents)

Tuesday, October 22nd

Trek (2h30-3h walking) - Overnight in nomad bivouac (in tents)

Wednesday, October 23rd

Trek (2h30-3h walking) - Overnight in nomad bivouac (in tents)

Thursday, October 24th

Trek (rest day) - Closing circle - Night in nomad bivouac (tented)

Friday October 25th

Return by 4×4 to fixed bivouac - Return to Ouarzazate

Every day during the trek, you'll be offered group or free practice times before breakfast and in the afternoon, as well as silent walks and evening rituals.

✈️ Practical details 🗓️

Plan to arrive in Ouarzazate on Saturday October 19 and to leave Ouarzazate on Saturday October 26.

Arrange accommodation for the nights of October 19 and 25

After registering, you will be invited to join a WhatsApp group to facilitate exchanges and plan your flights and accommodation with the rest of the group (if you so wish).

Your facilitators:

Gwendoline Le Breton

Genuine, wholehearted, sparkling and dedicated.

Passionate about the human being, the body, movement, the elements and Life, I am dedicated to accompanying, guiding and caring for the whole being.

Since the age of 15, I've been journeying, meeting, training, exploring and integrating into my practices and treatments the ancestral wisdoms so precious to Self-Knowledge. For me, learning is a lifelong process, and I'm committed to offering all those who make the choice to discover their true selves the kind of time and space they need to do so.

Teaching, transmitting, guiding, accompanying, participating in the healing of the whole being is essential for me. It's my contribution to life, to balance in this world, to the awakening of consciousness. So I work towards this goal through Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedanta as a path of Self-Knowledge and profound respect for the Living.

To find out more, click here:

Audrey Vignadocchio

Being in this world,

I am Audrey, Revealer of the being to its Sacred and Divine Essence.

I am the witness of my experiences, which have made me who I am.

I have been called to follow my personal legend through various passions, practices, wounds and teachings.

Passionate about Contemporary Dance, I specialize in Sophrology, Massage, Music and Dance Therapy, to get to the heart of our bodies and emotions, free the word of our deepest Being and let our intuition express itself through body language, intuitive soul singing, etc...

Along the way, a great call to the Shamanic Voice presented itself, introspection and profound teachings awakened my consciousness and I received the most beautiful gift: to meet my deepest Being and LOVE in connection with the Subtle planes of the Invisible and the allied Spirits of the living who accompany us.

The medicine of the Shamanic Drum is at my side.

As a Holistic Therapist, I also accompany you as a Soul Passenger towards your true and profound being. I am at the service of Life and my fellow human beings, and am delighted to be present with other Sowers of Wellbeing.

With my sympathetic ear and gaze, my delicate approach and all my Love, I invite you to savor the colors of Life together and share the present in the moment. Taste the subtle fragrances of Life, follow your intuition and listen to your soul, which guides us and reminds us that the whole Universe is inside us.

May we reconnect with the heart of our nourishing Mother Earth so that our roots give us wings and Heaven can pour into us the immensity of its Divine Power.

Let us continue to marvel at the magnificence of Life.

Find out more:

William Babeix

"man of the world, child of the universe

After following a path that led me to various positions in commerce, synchronicities allowed me to awaken to a return to Self, thanks to my experiences, life lessons, illness, encounters, readings and travels.

As I continued to rediscover the world with my childlike eyes, I came to the question of Who am I? what role do I want to play in this round of life? what contribution can I make to the world? What would be my contribution to the world?

My path led me to that of well-being, that acceptance of the incarnation of Who I deeply was.

Since then, I've continued to deepen my knowledge and questioning through various training courses and workshops that have enriched my path, so that I can share them and rediscover the autonomy of the deep being that we all are.

My aim is to open up the sacred space of the whole being.

Apprentice-Wise, experimenting with accompanying the Being to its Sacred reconnection.

Sower of well-being, whose mission is to reveal the "Soul-Agit" within each ONE.

As an explorer of the world and curious about life, I love to marvel at the infinite range of possibilities that human beings can embody.

To find out more, visit

Desert Roots

We specialize in trekking in the Moroccan desert, particularly in the Drâa Valley. We also offer mountain tours and treks.

We're delighted to welcome you to Morocco, in the commune of M'hamid El Ghizlane, located in southeastern Morocco, at the gateway to the desert.

In addition to Arabic and Hassanya, our team speaks French, English and a few words of German, Spanish and Italian.

Why "Desert Roots"?

Les Racines du Désert... a name that inscribes our approach in a dimension of authenticity.

Our roots are the present of a past that still sticks to our memories. Our culture today draws its wealth from the historical enigmas, language, songs, poetry, caravan trade and other components that have shaped our identity.

Like the roots of trees, our roots are the bridges in the dialogue that binds us together. We are a social unit aware of the value of our diversity. Tribal history and Nomadic life reflect the image of our identity. Our history is the story of a mosaic of tribes living as nomads, or sedentary, and in a space open to all influences.

Les Racines du Désert is the title of a dream of sharing and osmosis. The dream of a cultural crossroads that invites us to share the secrets of our ancestors.

Our travel philosophy


We travel in the spirit of ecotourism. We are committed to preserving the beauty and authenticity of the desert environment of the Draa Valley. We want you to experience the desert with minimal impact on this fragile environment, and with respect for the wildlife. Our ancestors taught us to travel the Sahara without leaving a trace. We transport waste and never forget that water is a precious desert resource.


We also invite you to experience the desert in the spirit of Bedouin life: to experience detachment from civilization and live a moment outside of time, disconnected from our routines.

Fair trade

When you set off with Racines du Désert, you're supporting the local economy, because we provide an income for many of the inhabitants of M'Hamid el Ghizlane. Our activity provides a living for guides, camel drivers, cooks, drivers... By placing your trust in us, you are helping to support the region's economy.

Our agency is based in M'Hamid, which generates no additional agency costs in France and allows us to pay our team fairly while offering affordable travel.

To find out more, visit


990 € early bird until April 1, 2024

Full price: €1,100

Included in this price :

Transportation from Ouarzazate to M'hamid and back

Meals on the way

Full board during the trek (20-25)

Accompaniment by Racines du Désert

Supervision, guidance and practice by Gwendoline, Audrey and William.

Not included in this price :

Air transport (return flights)

Nights on October 19 & 25

Meals and drinks on October 19, 20 (morning), 25 (evening) and 26

Personal expenses and tips

Beverages other than mineral water included in midday meals on the road

Hospitalization and repatriation insurance

Saddle dromedary option (20€ / day)


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