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« Oh my guts » - Detox with Gwendoline Ougad
« Oh my guts » - Detox with Gwendoline Ougad

Sun, 28 Jul



« Oh my guts » - Detox with Gwendoline Ougad

Revolutionize your health in 21 days with the "Oh my guts" deep detox program: a simple, fast and effective detox! Discover how to get rid of fatigue, bloating, digestive problems and constipation in just 3 weeks.

Time & Location

28 Jul 2024, 10:00 – 17 Aug 2024, 10:00



Gwendoline Ougad presents the 21-day "Oh My Guts" detox program.

  Starting with the opening ceremony online : July 28 at 10 AM   

The "Oh My Guts" program provides personalized support to help you successfully complete your detoxification journey. 

This cure is more than a detox. 

It's a journey that's been organized not only to help you cleanse your body of toxins, but also to ensure that all toxic beliefs, conditioning and repressed emotions begin to flow out of the body, just as water flows in rivers and cleanses the earth.  

The more you eliminate this kind of clutter, the more room you'll be able to make to see, hear and discover the deepest layers of yourself.


Do not detox if :

     - You are pregnant or breast-feeding.

     - If you have diabetes, kidney failure, heart problems or any other serious medical condition.

     - You are extremely tired.

     - You suffer from eating disorders. 

The benefits you'll reap after the program :

    - purification and detoxification of the body

     - balancing the body's metabolism

     - cleansing of the digestive system

     - stimulates the immune and lymphatic systems

     - improve the body's acidic pH levels

     - improve vitality

     - slow down the aging process

     - treat chronic age-related diseases

     - weight loss

     - reduce fatigue and sleep disorders

     - deep emotional release

     - strengthens willpower

     - promote gratitude and humility

     - calm the mind and improve decision-making

     - achieve a state of inner balance and harmony



Our bodies are naturally designed to cleanse themselves through a process called homeostasis, which maintains internal balance by eliminating what is no longer needed.  

The organs responsible for this function are called emunctories, each with its own role in excreting waste.   

However, in our modern lifestyle, these organs can become overloaded, disrupting the body's homeostatic balance. The waste produced naturally by the body can exceed our capacity to eliminate it early in life.  

It is therefore advisable to intervene preventively to support our clogged organs, in particular the intestine, which plays a crucial role in our overall health.  

Detoxification aims to restore the body to optimal health by ridding it of toxins. These toxins are stored throughout the body, including the brain, organs and cells.  

By detoxifying regularly, you can help improve your health and increase your longevity.  Whether you suffer from a compromised immune system, fatigue, chronic illness or simply want to protect your health, this detoxification program can help.

The different steps of the Oh my Guts program :   

Step 1 - Eliminate inflammation and acid-base balance through diet  

Step 2 - Cleanse the intestines 

Step 3 - Eliminate intestinal parasites and worms 

Step 4 - Eliminate mucoid plaque 

Step 5 - Liver cleansing 

Step 6 - Eating again


By joining the "Oh My Guts" program, and to support you in your detox, you'll have access to :

• Remote support via Zoom

• Whatsapp support group 

• Explanatory videos

• Supportive hypnosis sessions

• PDFs & practical guides 

• Recipe booklets

The aim is to help you achieve concrete, lasting results.

More information and registration :


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