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Alchemy 3 - The Secrets of Matter
Alchemy 3 - The Secrets of Matter

Sun, 17 Nov



Alchemy 3 - The Secrets of Matter

Seminar 7 days / 7nights, Portugal

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Time & Location

17 Nov 2024, 15:00 – 24 Nov 2024, 10:00



Alchemy 3 - The Secrets of Matter

Teaching with Arnaud Colin

from November 17 to 24, 2024


This third part of the alchemists' curriculum is designed for those who have already attended at least one Alchimie 2 the Gates of Time.

We all carry within us the secrets of matter.

Understanding that everything is within us may seem difficult, like a concept that only 'masters' can master, just like Time.

Indeed, mastering Time means mastering Matter.

It's up to us to be aware that everything is accessible and possible.

Entering or creating our own reality, in all the dimensions we carry, becomes necessary to our life in consciousness.

Matter is made up of atoms or molecules (assemblies of atoms), the building blocks that differentiate one chemical element from another.

We'll be able to integrate, in consciousness, the dimensions we can understand and reach.

During this seminar, you will :

  • understand what matter is
  • understand dimensions and how they work
  • understand the fields of possibility
  • understand how to modify physical (molecular) characteristics
  • understand how to modify our biology

The notion of Time

Life here is conditioned by time.

We are all subject to it.

We are all subject to it.

We are all bound by it in manifestation.

No time, no matter.

Organic matter manifests itself in and through time.

Everything has a beginning and an end.

Honoring Life on Earth means honoring its time, our time, everyone's time, in multidimensionality, the multitude of perceptions, stretching, contraction, even suspension.

And while suspension allows us to transcend matter, there's no such thing as stopping, because time always resumes its course.

About the ALCHIMIST CURSUS with Arnaud:

Arnaud offers several seminars in the Alchemist Cursus, open to all, without distinction:

- Alchemy of Life: the foundations of Alchemy, activation and integration of the 5 elements, balanced by the three kingdoms.

- Conscious Care: finding the right guidance through conscious presence.

- Alchemy Seminars 2, 3, 4 and 5, which deepen the practice of Alchemy of Life and Right Guidance: Practice of the Elements, Time, Matter, Multidimensionality.

He also offers specific training for Psychic Surgeons.

To join this program, you need to have attended at least one Alchemy of Life seminar, one Conscious Care seminar and one Psychic Surgeons  Integration day.

The first level takes place over 5 residential days,

The second level is a 12-day residential course.

The third level is a 21-day residential course.

The time needed between two levels depends on each individual's ability to integrate the activations of each level. It can take from several months to several years. Allow at least one year of integration between Level 1 and Level 2.

Arnaud activates and amplifies your own channel, your perceptive capacities, and the connection to universal knowledge; during the course he releases karmic, family and collective memories to fluidify and free healing capacities.

Participants are guided towards a better understanding of energy functioning in different dimensions.

Through direct channeling and concrete exercises, he guides participants towards autonomy, through the abandonment of belief systems in favor of conscious presence.

All these seminars are residential, and participants are required to stay on site for the duration.


We'll be at the wonderful COCOON retreat in the heart of the Algarve:

Estrada Nacional 393, km 14.2. 7630-063, Portugal

Arrival Sunday November 17 at 3pm, departure Sunday November 24 at 10am.


2h south of Lisbon

Plan to rent a car (we'll set up a group dedicated to the seminar so that several of you can make arrangements).


7-day, 7-night seminar.

Participation in teaching and organization: €1,750

Cost of accommodation and food:

Triple room: €85/night: €595

Double room: 105€/night: 735€

Single room (limited number): 160€/night : €1,120

Train or plane tickets, insurance, airport transfers, bank transfer fees are not included.


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