Recorded Online teachings

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2 minutes capsules


For a while I wanted to make these 'capsules', small videos to approach, connect themes, an invitation to explore certain spaces within oneself.

I recorded 24 capsules corresponding to 24 themes:

Passion, the master, the teaching, the envy - desire, jealousy, shadows, authenticity, practice, taking of oneself, peace, reaction - action, courage, fear, the system - beliefs, depression, hope, intention, the 3 times - past, present, future, Thank you for disturbing me, love, help, the soul, memories, relationships.

I invite you to connect beyond words, and observe within yourself what is happening.

I look forward to seeing you again, through these videos.

In Youtube channel, please activate auto translate subtitles in the settings.


Arnaud monthly teaching Replay

During this 2hours monthly teaching, Arnaud explore specific topics, with a space for Q&A.

These teachings are held in French.
We make accessible the 3 last teachings replays, you can access them by paying 25€/teaching.

They are available with translation, please contact us here to get them.

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