Long-distance healing process with Arnaud

Arnaud takes a limited number of individual cases each month.

He offers also 1:1 channeling, and a collective healing further time a year.

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Individual request

Arnaud takes a limited number of individual cases each month. His follow-up is at least 30 days.

The participation is 150€ up to 800€ depending on the case, the intensity and the duration of the follow-up.


Healing process starts as soon as the request is sent.

We will come back to you to ask for informations if necessary, update  and possibly to organize a telephone appointment.

We will contact you and follow up with Signal, please install it on your mobile phone.


Benefits of the treatments allow to finance actions for the living everywhere in the world.

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The minimum amount for the application is 150€,
the supplement can be added later.

Thanks for your request, we'll come back to you soon.


Arnaud Colin

Arnaud Colin is alchemist.


He carries within the teachings relating to the alchemy of Life, the alchemy of the five elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether, balanced by the three kingdoms: plant, mineral, animal.


He teaches by channeling from the age of 12 on all the states of consciousness that the human beings carry. He now accompanies groups of students all over the world and teaches them the conscious presence in the alchemy of Life.


The sensitivity he carries allows him to see and hear both manifested and un-manifested worlds. He is a psychic surgeon who intervenes on the various bodies, physical and energetic, and the memories they carry.

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