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 Alchemist Course
with Arnaud Colin

Arnaud offers several seminars in the Alchemist Cursus, open to all, without distinction:

 Alchemy of Life  5 days Seminar 

The first seminar of the Alchemy Teaching Course with Arnaud Colin.

The foundations of Alchemy, the activation and integration of the 5 elements, balanced by the three kingdoms.

During this 5 days immersion seminar, you will receive the foundations of the Alchemist with the activation and integration of the five elements inside, as well as connection and balance through the three realms of Plant, Mineral and Animal.

During this workshop you will experience that Alchemy is above all embracing yourself, accepting what is, being grateful for all your experiences, and forgiving for any reasons.It is in this equilibrium that we experience zero point, point of convergence. 


 We are all alchemists, we invite you to experience it.

During the course the work is done according to the energy of the group and the reading that Arnaud makes. The course of the day is channeled and punctuated by teachings, meditations, connection to the primordial elements, energetic practices ….

Conscious Care 5 days Seminar 

Finding the right way to care of oneself and others through conscious presence.

This course aims to adjust the accompaniment by the conscious presence.


Conscious presence is the only way to provide the appropriate support, whether in the field of care or in private, friendly, professional or family relationships.

No intention has its place.

The person who comes to us has already formulated a healing intention.

It is by being in his or her conscious presence that the accompaniment is done, without wanting or being able to, beyond the 'techniques' or rituals of care used.


During this workshop, Arnaud will also emphasize the precision of the energetic accompaniment, the relationship between the accompanier and the accompanied, in the alchemical balance of the five elements through the three kingdoms.

Alchemy 2: The gates of time  5 days Seminar 

For all those who have followed the Alchemy of Life initiation, and the Conscious Care seminar.
This seminar is focused on the Alchemy of matter, understanding and modifying it.

Each workshop, with a specific goal, from the first to the last day, will raise the consciousness in a different vision of the Alchemist, in connection with the whole environment, the 5 elements balanced by the 3 kingdoms.

The specific works, the practices of movement, of Yoga, will lead us to become more and more autonomous on our consciousnesses.


About Time 


Life here is conditioned by time.

We are all subject to it.

We are all submitted to it.

We are all bound to it in the manifestation.


No time, no matter.

Organic matter manifests itself in and through time.


Everything has a beginning and an end.


To honor Life on earth is to honor its time, our time, everyone's time, in the multidimensionality, the multitude of perceptions, the stretching, the contraction, the suspension even.


And if suspension allows us to transcend matter, there is no such thing as stopping,
because time always takes its course.



Psychic Surgeons 5/12/21 days Seminars


Arnaud activates and amplifies your own channel, your perceptual abilities, and the connection to universal knowledge; during the course he releases karmic, family, and collective memories in order to fluidify and liberate healing abilities.

In continuity, he gives a specific teaching for Psychic Surgery. 

To integrate this Cursus it is necessary to have completed at least one Alchemy of Life course, one Conscious Care course, and one day of Integration for this Cursus.

The first level takes place over 5 days in residential,

The second level takes place over 12 days in residential.

The third level is a 21 day residential course.

The time needed between two levels depends on the ability of each person to integrate the activations of each level. It can take several months to several years. Usually at least one year of integration between Level 1 and Level 2.


Participants are guided towards a better understanding of the energy functioning in the different dimensions.


Through its direct channels and concrete practices, it guides the participants towards autonomy, by abandoning belief systems in favour of conscious presence.


All these courses are residential, participants are asked to stay on site.

 Conscious presence is the key of life that transcends our realities.

Arnaud-nov-2021 2.JPG

Arnaud Colin

Arnaud Colin is alchemist.


He carries within the teachings relating to the alchemy of Life, the alchemy of the five elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether, balanced by the three kingdoms: plant, mineral, animal.


He teaches by channeling from the age of 12 on all the states of consciousness that the human beings carry. He now accompanies groups of students all over the world and teaches them the conscious presence in the alchemy of Life.


The sensitivity he carries allows him to see and hear both manifested and un-manifested worlds. He is a psychic surgeon who intervenes on the various bodies, physical and energetic, and the memories they carry.

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